Saturday, September 09, 2006

Home Away from Home

This was only our second stay at Tegal Sari, but somehow it felt like home. There were the familiar faces of the staff and things looked exactly the same as we remembered it. Well, not exactly. There were a couple of changes. Room No. 11 now had a great new sofa area. And then there was this:

the brand new deck

This was a pity because the new addition stood on where the pond which was a real bird magnet had been. The deck though, I'm sure, was much appreciated by yoga practitioners, as the perfect place to perform sun salutations at dawn. Still, some things hadn't changed:

the quintessential Tegal Sari breakfast

the morning show, to be watched from...

...the best seats in the house

and when we needed a break from all that peace, there was the rest of Ubud on our doorstep.

out the back door


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